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Can You Guess The Real Cost of a Fender Bender?

Crunch. Uh-oh… it’s the unmistakable sound of a fender-bender. When a car rear-ends you in a parking lot, there’s a lot that races through your mind… including, “How much is this going to cost?” Unfortunately, with today’s high-tech cars, a minor impact doesn’t always mean minor damage. That bumper may look like just another piece of plastic… but the real price of repairing or replacing... Read Article

4 Brilliant Ways to Keep Kids Occupied on Road Trips

“How much longer?” “Are we there yet?” “I’m bored!" Do these phrases sound familiar? If you’ve gone on a long road trip with your children, you may have heard them before. Those rides to your family’s favorite far-away spot can mean spending several hours – or even days – in the car. They’ll also leave you wondering how to keep your kids occupied and test... Read Article
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